4 ways to increase your natural testosterone levels

As for hormones, testosterone is considered the master hormone. In men, testosterone is delivered mainly in bullets. In women, testosterone is administered in the ovaries despite much smaller amounts.

The generation of testosterone boosters in the body begins to develop completely during the last years of adolescence and begins to decline after 30 years.

Testosterone is the essential sex hormone, and it greatly affects the thickness of the mass and bones, the muscle / fat ratio, the mental state, and the red. Generation of platelets.

Low levels of testosterone can cause a wide variety of side effects, such as weight gain, low libido, low vitality, pain and lack of confidence in you. While testosterone levels generally decrease with age, there are many ways to help your testosterone levels maintain the ideal dimensions of this basic hormone.

Signs and symptoms of low testosterone:

(at men’s)

Little enthusiasm for sex (under moxie)

Unable to continue or to have an erection

Impossible to make muscle

The darkness

Torpidity, deficiency and, generally, low levels of vitality.

Impotence to concentrate

Low inspiration

Surprising weight gain

That he becomes bald

Decrease in quality during the activity.

Gynecomastia Indications, Unusual Increase in Breast Tissue Size

(in women)



Decreased muscle and bone mass.

Concentration problems

Weight gain

Unbearable sex

If, in any case, you experience any of the above-mentioned side effects in a foreseeable place, which means that they are available every day and you have found them for more than one month, consult your specialist forget a test. testosterone blood, at this stage they will receive the accompanying advances …

The most effective method to increase your natural testosterone level:

Decrease your stress level

In today’s fast-paced, fast-paced society, it may be more difficult to diminish than expected. We focus on our jobs and our children and we care about accounts and relationships. Research has shown that being constantly worried increases your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a pressure hormone that your body releases in limited amounts during the day because of several improvements. Anyway, high levels of cortisol can cause a rapid drop in your testosterone levels.

Get a lot of suns (vitamin D)

The nutrient D is called nutrient of daylight. In addition to having several medical benefits incorporating a weight reduction aid, it could also be supplemented as a characteristic sponsor of testosterone, as indicated by research done by German scientists. Preferably, you will need 20 minutes of sun exposure each day to improve your body’s vitamin D levels.

If you live in the Far North in an atmosphere with little daylight and the introduction of the sun every day is not wise, I suggest you supplement it except with a quality vitamin D product.

Fenugreek supplement

Fenugreek is a plant that has been used as a Chinese option to treat different conditions of well-being. Fenugreek is a plant that grows in the forest with units containing slightly darker and shiny fenugreek seeds. Generally, it is used as enthusiasm and can be found here and there in items to consider near the house, for example, cleaner and cleaner.

Fenugreek is a decent source of some important supplements, but its useful effects are mostly used for testosterone and boosting momentum. During a survey, specialists administered 500 mg of fenugreek daily to 30 men who had reached school. The men consolidated fenugreek with an eight-week weightlifting program and held four training meetings a week, half of them improving. By the time specialists compared the fenugreek supplement group to the non-complementary collection, they found a slight decrease in testosterone in the collection of non-supplements and an expansion of testosterone in the fenugreek collection. The fenugreek supplement group also found a 2% decrease in the muscle / fat ratio.

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