Carrie Underwood Weight Loss

The glamorous country singer Carrie Underwood can make anybody go head over heels with her killer looks and mesmerizing voice.

The beautiful singer has led a successful career that started when she won American Idol in 2005.

American Idol Finale: Results Show - Press Room

Ever since, nothing stopped Carrie from reaching the heights she always dreamt for herself.

Something that is most admirable about Carrie is her ability to outshine.

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She is too confident and has a very charismatic personality that magnetizes and draws people to her.

Her popularity can be judged by the fact that she has 6.8 million followers on Instagram and over 10 million followers on Facebook.

The singer’s personal life is as good as her professional life.

She married Mike Fisher after dating him for almost two years and delivered their first child in 2015.

While it was expected that Carrie may lose her bodily charm after childbirth, she proved everyone wrong by bouncing back in shape too quick.

The sexy Carrie Underwood before and after photos are too hot to handle by any of us!

Well, as far as we know, shedding the stubborn, post-baby pounds is strenuous, so how did the ‘blown away’ singer manage to blow away her extra weight this easy and look so breath-taking?

Let’s find out the answer!


Carrie Underwood weight loss resultsCarrie Underwood weight loss is not the result of some hard-and-fast techniques.

The gorgeous lady revealed not to be different from any of us as she credited the shedding of her baby weight to her love for workouts!

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According to her, she can follow any workout pattern, in all kind of circumstances.

As a matter of fact, she regarded her love for workouts as her cause of happiness and secret to stay healthy.

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After the pregnancy, the ‘before he cheats’ singer wanted to take charge of herself and since, she only added some 30lbs to her weight, thereby, the situation was very much under her control.

Carrie further stated that she never skipped her exercises even while she was expecting her baby.

She likes variation as this is what keeps her engaged and interested.

Height: 1.6m (5.2”)
Weight gain: 30lbs
Current weight: 52 kg
Measurements: 33-25-34 inches.


To bring down the scale after pregnancy, Carrie also made necessary changes in her diet.

Carrie Underwood diet was simple, but nutritious.

Carrie Underwood diet

For example, she likes to have bread, yet, she avoided the item in most of her meals.

Moreover, she shifted her focus more on oatmeal, vegetables and protein for healthy slimming.

But besides eating wisely, the woman believes that one should also take rest so that the body can relax and be less stressful.

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She also highlighted the importance of a down time, a few moments when should stay quiet, do nothing and let our body loosen up.

Carrie likes to give her body the break it wants after constant functioning.

At some point during the weight loss process, most of us follow certain tip or technique that turns out to be a total mistake, and so, when the newly minted mother was asked about any such incidence, she responded that she once used a weight loss agent with a very harmful ingredient in it.

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Since she was quite overweight, she decided to use a weight loss formula containing an injurious herb, Ephedra.

The herb was later banned for its dangerous effects on health.


As stated earlier, Carrie is very much in love with her workouts.

Carrie underwood workout at Glamour

She loves to do everything she is asked to and despite being short of time quite often, she manages time for her trainings.

In order to get rid of weight she gained during her pregnancy period, the singer sought professional help through a trainer. As soon as she got permission from her gynecologist, she got on board with her mentor.

Initially, she felt difficulty completing her 30 minute training as she had a C-section, but gradually, she started getting back to her normal routine.

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When asked about her preferred Carrie Underwood workout, she replied with high-intensity Tabata regimen.

It is interesting to note that the circuit encompasses intense exercises like lunges and squats, which of course, the woman enjoys the most.

But apart from enjoying these exercises, she believes that these exercises accelerate her metabolism and so she can deal with everything that comes her way afterwards.


Carrie’s love and passion for workouts have helped her get through her weight loss dilemmas too quick.

Today, Carrie Underwood weight is healthy and she looks extremely desirable.

Well, nothing in the world can stop you from looking and feeling beautiful, unless, you do not want the change for yourself.

There are many female steroids that work to help getting lean body.

With inspirations like Carrie Underwood, one can feel free to enjoy motherhood without the fear of gaining weight for a lifetime.

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